Got business mail? Pressure sealers offer huge time saving benefits


As a business or institution that relies on productivity, time is valuable – let pbOffice help you maximise it. 

It has been said that time – not money – is the 21 century’s most precious commodity. It is free, yet priceless and, once spent, it can never be regained.

So it comes as no surprise that the modern-day business places so much emphasis on time saving, and productivity is measured according to stricter deadlines than ever before.

At pbOffice, a division of customer communication firm PBSA, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art solutions that allow our customers to not only make the most of their valuable time – but also to experience tangible results in as little time as possible.

Epitomising this methodology, is our pressure sealer product range. Pressure sealers cut manual printing, folding and sealing time down by a massive 90%.

With exclusive distribution rights on Welltec pressure sealers in Africa, pbOffice is the number one supplier of pressure sealers and payslip sealers (also referred to as one-step mailers) in South Africa.

Welltec is the world’s number one desktop pressure sealer company, holding over 75% of the European and Asian market since its inception in 1999. The firm exports products to over 30 countries across the globe.

Largely used in South Africa for preparing salary slips, municipal bills and other mail notices such as traffic fines, pressure sealers offer a host of time-saving – and other – gains to any industry that has a business mailing component to it.

Reaping benefits

Also referred to as variable information printing, our pressure seal digital printing systems allow text and graphics to be changed from one printed document to the next, without slowing down the process.

Pressure seal technology completely does away with the need for separate folding, filling and sealing of envelopes. This alone represents huge time savings. And, because documents go directly from being printed, to pressure sealed, there is no need for handling of documents.

Apart from being massive time savers, pressure sealers give business mail an indisputable quality of professionalism and security.

Pressure sealed documents do not need envelopes – they serve as their own. This means you save on time, money and storage and handling. Our machines offer a range of solutions for different form sizes and fold types.

Pressure sealers also print addresses directly onto documents and forms, which means no more problematic window envelopes or messy alternative solutions.

Finally, in terms of security, pressure sealers complete documents with solid, consistent edges, while high-pressure sealing makes for a much more effective seal than traditional envelopes. And, because each piece of mail is individual and self-contained, there is no risk of two confidential documents being put together in the same envelope, or a document being placed in the wrong envelope.

pbOffice currently supplies pressure sealers to an extensive customer base and offers solutions to suit all industry mailing needs.

For more information, visit our Pressure Sealer product page.

To watch a short video on Welltec’s best-selling mid-range desktop pressure sealer, the Postmate III, click here.

PBSA named Welltec Dealer of the Year

Welltec trophy2PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes) has been named Gold Dealer of the Year 2015 by international pressure sealer company, Welltec System.

The recent accolade, awarded to the distributor who sells the most products internationally within a given time frame, becomes the sixth that Welltec – one of the biggest manufacturers of pressure sealers in the world – has awarded PBSA over the past seven years.

Wikus Conradie, sales and business development manager at pbOffice, a division of PBSA, says the latest award serves as a reminder of how well the company has done with Welltec’s product. “These accolades are awarded annually to the top international distributors of the Welltec pressure seal range. Winning these awards represents a decade of trust between PBSA and Welltec.”

Welltec System is the world’s number one desktop pressure sealer company, holding over 75% of the European and Asian market since its inception in 1999. The firm exports products to over 30 countries across the globe.

Welltec president Jong-Koo Lee notes that lifestyles are rapidly changing, thanks to the progression of IT. “Technology and the application of existing automation equipment need to be changed and there are more business opportunities being created accordingly.”

While the mailing market is gradually decreasing, says Lee, Welltec has focused on the mailing automation market for over 15 years and has invested heavily in mail requisition. The firm has, over the past few years, also expanded business to the parcel automation sector, which has undergone significant transformation recently, thanks to the vast growth of e-commerce.