pbSecure: Ground breaking anti-fraud solution for Educational records and Certificates

The problem lies not within the paper, but within the content on the paper.

At first glance, one would think that pbSecure is here to “replace” physical paper security and other advanced printing technologies like micro-text, micro-tint, font reverse, watermarks, chemical sensitisation, embedded fibres, ultraviolet (UV), heat sensitive ink, sequential numbering and many more, but it is not. These are all –and will always remain- the perfect fight against counterfeiting and forgery, especially when it comes to replicating, for instance currency.

The question is, is the core problem the same when it comes to educational records (diplomas, certificates, degrees and mark sheets)?

Truth is that the problem is not the same and it cannot effectively be treated the same. Making an exact replica of an educational record does not really benefit anyone. The forged replica is just that, a replica containing the same information pertaining to the same person with the same qualifications, linked to the same institution as per the original document and very little significant gain for fraudsters.

However, changing (tampering with) any of the information on the document (Name, Surname, Date, Qualification, Institution etc.) is where the real problem lies and where fraudsters find real value.

pbSecure specifically addresses tampering and solves the problem with absolute certainty and conviction.

What differentiates pbSecure?

There are many encryption solutions and generic barcode generators on the market and Internet today that can encrypt data and print a barcode on a document, simulating a similar “look and feel” solution to pbSecure, but do these solutions really close the door on fraud and solve the problem once and for all? The answer is no and here is why pbSecure is the most advanced document security solution on the market today that truly solves the problem;

For almost a century, Pitney Bowes has successfully secured billions of dollars (US$) globally for governments across the globe with its postal (franking) and tax metering systems that date back to the early 1900’s. Within this wealth of experience and array of patented technologies lies the heart of pbSecure. pbSecure is an evolution of the Pitney Bowes metering system technology and showcases the latest advancements in 2D barcoding, encryption and Pitney Bowes’ cryptographic content security technology.

Securing and verification methodology
We focus not only on securing the document, but also on the verification process that is bound to follow at one or at multiple stages of the document lifecycle. pbSecure neatly slots into any Student Information System (SIS) or document creation process with the flexibility to quickly produce thousands of secured records from any data source. Although pbSecure has a full transactional audit trail, there is no need to store any customer data online or in a centralised repository (database) to verify the document. The issuing authority and all of the original content can be verified in an off-line environment by scanning the unique pbSecure 2D barcode with a pbSecure Verifier.

To ensure the integrity of the solution, each issuing authority is issued with a unique pbSecure Vault (USB hardware security device). The issuing authority’s detail and unique private key is burnt into the microchip, fully protecting the integrity of the issuing authority. This also means that the unique private key of each unit is not stored on any comprisable network, server or software infrastructure.

Any pbSecure issuing authority can verify its own documents created with pbSecure, using its own pbSecure Vault and verification software. The issuing authority has the option to authorise other pbSecure sites or specific verification agents to also verify its own documents. Pitney Bowes’ extensive experience and global success with metering systems using the same Private -and Public -Key Infrastructure (PKI) management, is one of the huge differentiating factors from any other cryptographic, encryption solution on the market today.

For more information on pbSecure, please visit www.pbsecure.co.za

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