Optimise your business mail system with a Relay inserter


Relay 1000When it comes to the mail you send out to customers, time and cost savings are just two of the many ways in which your business can benefit from a quality inserter.  

pbOffice, a division of customer communication firm PBSA, has just introduced a new, improved range of mail inserters, serving mailing needs from small- to large-scale. Read more about the new Relay range of inserters, manufactured by Pitney Bowes, HERE.

Wondering why you should invest in an inserter for your business in the first place?

Before going into the huge advantages an inserter can bring your business in terms of productivity, efficiency and professionalism, it is important to note that traditional mail as a means of engaging customers is far from dead.

On the contrary, traditional mail has been widely advocated as the most effective means of communication. People have a strong sense of nostalgia when it comes to physical mail and – if done properly – this means of communication and marketing can really help your business stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Mail folding and inserting machines not only give your business mail the professional touch, they also ensure the right mail gets out on time, to the right customer – and far more speedily and painlessly than with a manual system.

If you are sending mail out the manual way, your process probably goes something like the time-consuming and tedious process outlined below:

  1. Gather all printed documents, inserts and outer envelopes.
  2. Manually fold documents, trying to make them look as professional and neat as possible.
  3. Select and include all the necessary inserts, checking and double-checking these are all in the correct order.
  4. Manually insert the documents and inserts you just put in order into envelopes.
  5. You are now ready to mail the one piece of mail you just prepared (but you probably have hundreds more to go).
  6. Put plasters on your paper cuts.
  7. Repeat

With a Relay inserter, this could be turned into a simple, speedy and precise process – like the one below:

  1. Load documents, inserts and envelopes.
  2. Select job on keypad.
  3. Stand back as the machine prepares the job.
  4. Ready to mail.

But time-saving is just one of the many advantages that comes with investing in a Relay inserter for your business.

An inserter will also allow you to correspond with your customers more regularly; easily add revenue-generating inserts; improve the security of mail with envelopes that stay sealed; align mailing addresses for a precise fit in envelope windows and deliver frequent promotional mailings.

If you are a business that regularly communicates with customers via mail, a Relay inserter is not just a luxury – it is a must-have.

Relay inserters are machines you can stake your business on.

For more information call 010 300 4893.


PBSA upgrades to Relay inserter range


Relay 3000 & 4000The customer communication firm has just launched a new suite of mail folding and inserting machines that will fit any size business’ needs.

Being a company that believes in moving with the times – and bringing its customers only state-of-the-art technology – PBSA has upgraded its folding and inserting machines to the Relay range from global technology company Pitney Bowes.

The move gives pbOffice – the division of PBSA that provides automation solutions to serve mailing, marketing and communication applications for small and medium-sized enterprises – the ability to better serve its customers by being able to more accurately align machine specifications to specific application needs.

Quieter to operate and more aesthetically pleasing, the new Relay inserter range is more office-friendly. More importantly though, the Relay ranges drives higher performance, increasing productivity and allowing you to focus your time and energy on driving your business.

The Relay range of inserters comes with a number of vital features and scores of benefits. These state-of-the-art machines come with guarantees of:

  1. Data protection for your customers: This is an invaluable benefit, especially given the country’s personal information laws (does the term POPI Act ring any bells?).
  2. More productivity, less wasted time & money: Relay inserters offer a proven, easy-to-use platform that delivers fast, accurate and affordable mail assembly.
  3. 100% Accuracy – every time: The Relay range of inserters was specifically designed to deliver accurate, reliable processing of mail – so you can be confident your mail is not only getting out on time, but the right information is getting to the right customer. Every time.
  4. Ease of use: Even if you’re not technically inclined, you can be up and running with your Relay inserter in no time, ensureing your monthly mail gets out quickly and easily.
  5. Customisation: You shouldn’t have to tailor your mail programmes to the limitations of your equipment. With the Relay range of inserters, you have the ability to process various sizes of letters with the option of processing flat-sized envelopes or mailers.

For more information and model specifications relating to the various machines offered by pbOffice, click on the links below:

For more information on pbOffice products and services call 010 300 4893.

PBSA serves medical sector with new IDEAL air purifiers

Removing impurities from the indoor air we breathe is perhaps nowhere more important than in the medical industry, where optimal health is the ultimate aim.

Air pollution (both indoor and outdoor) has been tagged by the World Health Organisation as the world’s largest single environmental health risk. Hospital environments in particular are very complex environments, which require special attention to indoor air quality, for the sake of patients and healthcare workers alike.

Recognising this, PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes SA) has introduced two new IDEAL air purifiers designed specifically for the medical sector – the AP40 and AP100.

Both devices are professional air cleaners with individually replaceable high-quality filter elements, which filter a range of pollutants – including fine dust, pollen, allergens, pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mould spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, chemical vapours and even odours – from the air.

With invaluable features like low energy consumption and quiet operation, the AP40 and AP100 are the ideal indoor solution. Both feature a PlasmaWave system, making them the superior choice for spaces where there is a high risk of airborne infections and occupational diseases.

PlasmaWave produces positive and negative ions in an optimal ratio that form hydroxyls, together with hydrogen from the humid air. These hydroxyls neutralise and destroy viruses like influenza, and eliminate bacteria, chemical compounds, poisons and odours at molecular level. Basically, PlasmaWave cleans indoor air in the same way nature cleans outdoor air.


The IDEAL AP40 is made for rooms up to 40m² and features a HEPA filter system with an antibacterial coating and anti-odour filter.

The antimicrobial CleanCel equipment of the device and the antimicrobial coating “MedShield” of the HEPA filter inhibit the growth of microbes and remove pathogens.

It features a high-quality touch display for intuitive control and provides auto, manual, sleep and turbo function modes. In Auto mode, the device continually monitors the air quality with intelligent sensor technology and automatically controls the power. In addition to the automatic adjustment, the fan speed can be manually adjusted at five levels – sleep, low, middle, high and turbo.

A timer can optionally be pre-set to a runtime of either one, four or eight hours and the device features a child-proof key. Convenient function indicators indicate the operational state at any given time, while the filter change display informs users as to when a filter change is pending. Filters need to be changed on average every 12 months.


The AP40’s “big brother”, the IDEAL AP100, is made for rooms up to 100m². In addition to a high-performance filter system and LCD touch screen, this device also features a WLAN (wireless local area network) connection and the corresponding app.

The AP100 has a 7-level cleaning system, featuring the following:

  • Level 1 – Fine pre-filter that filters particles such as dust, hairs, pollen and lint.
  • Level 2 – CleanCel equipment inhibits the growth of microbes.
  • Level 3 – PM2.5 filter filters ultra-fine air pollutants of a size of 2.5 μm.
  • Level 4 – Antimicrobial coating “MedShield” – removes 99.9% of pathogen viruses, bacteria, and mould spores from the air.
  • Level 5 – A high-performance activatedcarbon filter removes various odours and harmful gases.
  • Level 6 – The optionally selectable PlasmaWave system actively supports the removal of bacteria, viruses, mould spores and ultrafine particles from the indoor air.
  • Level 7 – The true HEPA Filter filters 99.97% of the ultra-fine particles of 0.3μm such as fine dust, dental dusts, and sooty particles.

For hygienically pure air and peace of mind, PBSA’s IDEAL AP Med Edition devices are the way to go.

PBSA named Welltec Dealer of the Year

Welltec trophy2PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes) has been named Gold Dealer of the Year 2015 by international pressure sealer company, Welltec System.

The recent accolade, awarded to the distributor who sells the most products internationally within a given time frame, becomes the sixth that Welltec – one of the biggest manufacturers of pressure sealers in the world – has awarded PBSA over the past seven years.

Wikus Conradie, sales and business development manager at pbOffice, a division of PBSA, says the latest award serves as a reminder of how well the company has done with Welltec’s product. “These accolades are awarded annually to the top international distributors of the Welltec pressure seal range. Winning these awards represents a decade of trust between PBSA and Welltec.”

Welltec System is the world’s number one desktop pressure sealer company, holding over 75% of the European and Asian market since its inception in 1999. The firm exports products to over 30 countries across the globe.

Welltec president Jong-Koo Lee notes that lifestyles are rapidly changing, thanks to the progression of IT. “Technology and the application of existing automation equipment need to be changed and there are more business opportunities being created accordingly.”

While the mailing market is gradually decreasing, says Lee, Welltec has focused on the mailing automation market for over 15 years and has invested heavily in mail requisition. The firm has, over the past few years, also expanded business to the parcel automation sector, which has undergone significant transformation recently, thanks to the vast growth of e-commerce.

FileBound Named to Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management

filebound-logo1Upland Software, a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management applications, has been positioned on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 2015* for its FileBound document and workflow automation application – a product that is available from PBSA’s (formerly Pitney Bowes) ECM division, pbDigital.

Upland’s FileBound is also included in Gartner’s complementary report, “Midmarket Contextualisation of the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.”

Upland made its first appearance on the ECM Magic Quadrant in 2014. Relative to last year, FileBound has been positioned higher for its “ability to execute,” which Gartner defines as “how well a vendor sells and supports its ECM products and services on a global basis. In addition to rating product capabilities, we evaluate each vendor’s viability, installed base, pricing, customer support and satisfaction, and product migrations from one major release to another.”

“Upland’s focus on customer-driven innovation results in software that quickly delivers practical results for our growing global customer base,” said Sean Nathaniel, CTO at Upland and general manager of FileBound. “Automating the flow of work within the enterprise is just the beginning. FileBound gives organisations the agility to extend FileBound functionality to their customers, partners and other stakeholders through its cloud-based, device-agnostic architecture. We consider our inclusion in the Magic Quadrant as confirmation that customers see the value in that approach.”

Since the release of the 2014 ECM Magic Quadrant, FileBound has complemented its robust workflow and analytics capability with records management functionality, a public access portal, integration with e-signature functionality such as DocuSign and other features. As FileBound continues to break down the barriers of the enterprise, its unlimited user licensing resonates with customers of all sizes by making it easy and affordable to accommodate every user. Upland also continues to increase its international presence through internal expansion, such as a European data center and dedicated offices, as well as through global partnerships.

To be included in the Magic Quadrant for ECM 2015, Upland had to meet Gartner’s criteria for revenue, geographic presence, functional capabilities and “referenceability.”  To download a complimentary copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant ECM, please go to the report here.

*Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management” by Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Kenneth Chin, Karen A. Hobert. October 21, 2015.


PBSA chips in for huskies

blog picPBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes) did its part to help some of SA’s furry friends this weekend, by taking part in Husky Rescue South Africa’s (HRSA) first sleepathon, at the non-profit organisation’s (NPO) care facility in Lanseria, Husky Haven.

The facility, which has 25 runs that house up to 50 dogs at a time, managed to raise over R55 000 from the event – an amount HRSA founder Joanne van Niekerk says exceeded expectations.

PBSA “rented” one of the runs, home to two of the haven’s homeless hounds, Salsa and Tango, and also kitted it out with food bowls, blankets and toys – while one of the PBSA team members spent Saturday night, 28 November, with the husky duo.

Salsa (a female husky-cross-chow) and Tango (a male husky-cross-beagle) were kennelled for a year before their owner gave them up. They have called Husky Haven home for about two years now.

According to Dominique Strydom, Husky Rescue volunteer and sleepathon organiser, 15 kennel runs in all were sponsored on Saturday. Apart from PBSA, First National Bank, Silver Star Casino, Mutt Mix, International Training Academy, Minuteman Press, GI Consulting and Dowry Security also participated.

“Great fun was had by all, especially the shelter dogs who thoroughly enjoyed the human interaction and companionship.”

HRSA has been rescuing and rehabilitating Nordic breeds of dogs for over 20 years now. The NPO held the charity event to raise awareness within the community, in the hope of finding forever or foster homes for some of the rescued huskies – a breed the organisation says is often misunderstood.

Ensure compliance and peace of mind with PBSA’s hard drive shredder

hard drive shredDon’t let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands – destroy your hard drives the right way, for once and for all.

The amount of digital data generated in today’s world is unprecedented and growing at a phenomenal rate – doubling every two years – and much of this data is personal information.

It is hardly surprising, in light of this, that the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act has stolen so much of the media limelight this year, with its final commencement date expected any day now.

The POPI Act basically regulates how companies store and secure personal information. Failure to adequately handle this data will lead to considerable penalties.

Yet, scores of local businesses still adopt a lax attitude when it comes to the destruction of old hard drives that contain retrievable personal information. And the risk they run, should sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, is a huge one – that of irreparable reputation damage. Not to mention that of loss of intellectual property and legal penalties.

It is not good enough to simply carry out a superficial wipe of an obsolete hard drive and it is certainly not sufficient to toss it out, regardless of how unlikely it may be that it’s discovered.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes SA) offers a failsafe solution in the HSM Powerline HDS230 Hard Drive Shredder, a specialised machine that shreds and permanently destroys hard drives – and the sensitive information they hold – for absolute peace of mind.

Safe and easy to use, the HDS230 shreds hard drives into small particles, ensuring any information that may have been even remotely at risk of being accessed is destroyed for good.

Designed with longevity in mind, the hard drive shredder features a sturdy, solid steel-cutting unit and a powerful, robust drive.

Meanwhile, for the environmentally-minded, the unit’s high throughput capacity and energy-saving continuous operation makes it an intelligent choice for reducing the carbon footprint.

If it’s absolute peace of mind and POPI compliance you are after as a business, this specialised shredder is for you.