Who says nothing in life is free?

bunny DSignFlow is giving all new and existing SignFree users three FREE workflows.

When we created SignFree, the only digital signature platform worldwide with a totally free, fully functional interface that doesn’t expire, we told you it was free – and always would be. Great news, right? Well, it just got better.

Stepping it up a notch, SignFlow is now giving all SignFree clients – new and existing – three free (that’s free, not “free”) workflows.

What’s the catch, you may ask? There isn’t one. Simply sign up as a SignFree user – either by registering on the website or receiving a document to sign from another user – and you get a free passport to our digital world of efficiency.

And if you are already a SignFree user, you don’t need to do a thing – three free workflows are yours. You’re welcome.

Essentially, we are giving SignFree users a fully-fledged SignFlow with Workflow account, limited to three workflows (effective as of 1 March 2017).

Interested? You can register right now, right here.

Benefits & features

Now that you have this awesome digital signature solution securely in your grasp, you probably want to know what you can do with it.

First of all, you can sign as many documents as you want and store up to 50 in the SignFlow cloud. So you can upload documents requiring your signature, sign them in SignFlow and send them on to the relevant person through the system – no email tennis, no printing, no scanning, no time wasting.

With your new workflow account, you can also bring a document in to SignFlow and send it out to as many people as you want to sign your document. A workflow can comprise of any number of signers and/or approvers.

As a SignFlow user, you have your own Dashboard and Profile setup, which is full of functionality and easy to navigate. This includes, among other handy items, a suite of Microsoft plug-ins to make your SignFlow experience even more seamless.

Then, of course, there are all the cool customisable features that come with having a SignFlow account – like the option to either free-hand draw your signature, or choose one from a variety of fonts, as in the images below.

Choose font signatureDraw signature

In a nutshell, SignFlow is a digital signature workflow manager fully digitises (and enhances) any process that requires a document to be signed or approved. When it comes to our SignFree with Workflow solution, compared to others out there, you will find more functionality, more documents, more security, stronger compliance and a superior customer experience.

We could go on for pages about all the things you can do with your SignFlow account and free workflows, but figure it would be more fun for you to explore your newfound digital signature capabilities yourself. To learn more about the world of options SignFlow opens up, visit our Features and Benefits page, here.

Finally, all that’s left to say is, “Enjoy!” If you like the system and want to keep on workflowing – why not sign up for a SignFree with Workflow account? It’s easy, affordable and sure to become so indispensable a tool, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Harness the power of SignFlow for SharePoint

EG 1

A recent addition to the SignFlow application has unlocked a world of power when it comes to document management – in the cloud or on premise.

PBSA’s digital signing and electronic workflow solution, SignFlow, is now fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online (Office365) – making it one of the only signature workflow applications worldwide that integrates with the Microsoft document management application both on premise and in cloud deployments.

SignFlow seamlessly integrates with SharePoint using web parts, API’s and an efficient event handler, instantly transforming your SharePoint or Office365 online platform into a powerful, world-class document distribution, contracts management and forms approval (eSubmission) system.

The SignFlow for SharePoint app (SFSApp) essentially enables businesses using SharePoint – in any form – to prepare, send, track and sign important documents, contracts and forms from any SharePoint document library, between users inside their network or external signers (anywhere in the world) to the document.

Apart from giving users a secure, fast and reliable means of sending and tracking documents for digital signatures, SignFlow’s recent integration with SharePoint means SharePoint users now have access to the following benefits too:

  • The ability to produce eforms on the fly – and make these available to all SharePoint users across the enterprise, for things like leave applications, expense claim forms, travel requisitions, CAPEX approvals, change management controls, and more.
  • SharePoint becomes a powerful contracts management tool, giving users a clear view into the status of all documents in workflow.
  • Workflow functionality, including document escalation and the ability to set due date and levels of urgency.
  • Negative workflows, collaboration and rejection of documents in workflow.
  • Microsoft Plugin: Install the Microsoft Office plugin on the local computer to activate SignFlow workflow from the ribbon within any office application (like Word, Excel or PowerPoint).
  • SignFlow provides an Event Handler server, which is the channel between the sharp server and the SignFlow server.

The SignFlow Event handler is a “built to order” customisable solution for Microsoft SharePoint deployments. This is not a click install and run application. The Event handler needs to be built and deployed according to client specifications and then hosted on premise by the client. The event Handler requires an external IP that communicates with the SignFlow application over a Secure Socket Layer.

Integration options

Option 1 – SharePoint email exchange

No integration, document exchange from SignFlow via email to SharePoint document libraries.

Option 2 – SignFlow for SharePoint Event Handler.

Documents and metadata are exchanged via the event handler server between SignFlow and SharePoint.

Option 3 – SignFlow for SharePoint App

Documents and metadata are exchanged via the SignFlow for SharePoint App.

Option 4 – SignFlow for SharePoint Integration

Full SharePoint integration with documents and metadata exchanged via the SignFlow for SharePoint App and the event handler server.

Option 5 – SignFlow for SharePoint Hybrid Integration

Full SharePoint integration with an event handler server, SignFlow for SharePoint App and on premise SharePoint integration with a SignFlow hybrid (on-site) server.

Contact: Email Leon van der Merwe on leon@pbsa.co.za or call 011 516 9400.

 Please visit www.signflow.co.za for more information.