PBSA shredders underpin POPI compliance

shredder-generic-picThe company’s hard drive shredders offer local businesses a sure-fire way of complying with the act’s stringent data protection laws.

This year, the implementation date for the much-publicised Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is expected to be announced, and local businesses will have a year from this date to become compliant – or face severe penalties.

Passed into South African law towards the end of 2013, the POPI Act essentially regulates how companies store and secure personal information of individuals and entities. Because the act aligns South Africa with international laws on privacy, it includes some stringent rules that businesses – no matter their size – will need to follow to a T.

Wale Arewa, CEO of Secure IT asset disposal company Xperien, says, although the POPI Act gives companies a grace period of a year from commencement to comply with its requirements, they should make it a top priority now.

“There are serious penalties [for non-compliance with the act]. Besides the possibility of prison terms and fines of up to R10 million, POPI also allows individuals to institute civil claims. This means there is the possibility of further financial loss on top of any fine that may be imposed,” warns Arewa.

Data demolition

One of the POPI Act’s key objectives is to ensure customer data is destroyed sufficiently. According to the act, user data cannot be kept for longer than necessary and will have to be completely destroyed – not merely deleted or superficially disposed of.

This means it is simply not good enough for companies to wipe or format a hard drive, nor is it sufficient to toss it out, regardless of how unlikely it may be that it will be discovered.

The only sure-fire way to destroy data, is to physically shred it – a method vouched for by international business news site Bloomberg, in an article entitled “The right way to destroy sensitive data”.

“Hard drives are fed into a machine that resembles a photocopier, which chews and spits out slivers of scrap metal,” the site explains.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes South Africa), offers a failsafe solution to data destruction with two quality HSM machines – the HSM Powerline HDS230 Hard Drive Shredder and its smaller – but equally effective – counterpart, the HSM HDS150 Hard Drive Shredder.

Both fully data protection compliant, the two hard drive shredders destroy digital media devices in a safe and economical way. These safe and easy-to-use devices shred hard drives into tiny particles – ensuring absolute and irreversible destruction of all data contained on them.

Designed with longevity in mind, both hard drive shredders feature sturdy, solid steel-cutting units and powerful drives. Additionally, because the units feature high throughput capacity and energy-saving continuous operation, they are an intelligent choice for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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The forgotten cyber threat

Your hallway photocopier could be a cyber criminal’s goldmine.

Photocopy threatMost businesses that place any level of emphasis on guarding internal information will have some sort of system or software in place when it comes to company devices like notebooks, desktops, tablets and smartphones – but seldom does the office photocopier get the attention it deserves.

Recently, investigative journalism TV programme Carte Blanche featured an insert about photocopiers and the potential cyber security risk these seemingly safe office staples pose to companies. Although many don’t realise it, the programme argued, “one of the most serious cyber security threats an organisation faces could come from the innocuous photocopier in the hallway”.

And the threat is indeed a real one. Your organisation’s photocopier – the very same machine that makes scores of imprints on its hard drive with the press of a button (from the playful handprint of an employee’s child to the top brass’ financial documents) could be a goldmine for would-be snoops and cyber thieves.

The reality is, every single document or item that is reproduced and delivered to you on an easily destroyed hard copy, is also saved in the memory of the photocopier’s hard drive.

While some manufacturers offer security solutions like hard drive reset, and while there are certain things companies can do to minimise the threat of data theft (let’s be real – who has the time?) these do not provide the level of peace of mind that comes with total annihilation.

This is where PBSA’s line of specialised shredders comes in.

Total annihilation, total peace of mind

JBF Universal Shredder

Universal shredderThe JBF Universal Shredder offers total peace of mind – leaving not so much as a trace of your photocopied information behind.

Designed for the shredding of hard discs, CDs/DVDs, video tapes, typewriter ribbon and retaining tape – among others – the JBF Universal Shredder features a letter box slot at the hopper cover that allows secure and continuous feeding of the goods being cut, while a large cutting zone (380 mm x 500 mm) allows high output rates.

This specialised shredding machine also comes with the optional application of a granulate screen (6, 8, 10 mm etc) made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel.

The enormous torque of a powerful 4,0 kW drive with gear motor enables superior cutting performance and a low shaft speed of 11 rpm means no sparks inside the cutting unit, low noise levels and minimal dust.




HSM Powerline HDS230 Hard Drive Shredder

Powerline shredder

Another specialised solution to the cyber threat that is your office copier is the HSM Powerline HDS 230 Hard Drive Shredder.

Safe, data protection-compliant and efficient, the HSM Powerline HDS 230 shreds digital data media into tiny pieces, making data recovery from your photocopier impossible.

This data security solution features special hardened solid steel cutting rollers that are hardwearing, impervious and highly durable.

Energy-efficient IE 2 motors with a chain drive offer reliable operation with maximum throughput, even with continuous operation.

Shredded material is carried out by a discharge conveyor belt and can be collected in any standard container.

Cyber criminals today are more sophisticated, determined and ruthless than ever before and your data security systems should be too – and that includes those to safeguard the forgotten cyber threat: your hallway photocopier.