Got business mail? Pressure sealers offer huge time saving benefits


As a business or institution that relies on productivity, time is valuable – let pbOffice help you maximise it. 

It has been said that time – not money – is the 21 century’s most precious commodity. It is free, yet priceless and, once spent, it can never be regained.

So it comes as no surprise that the modern-day business places so much emphasis on time saving, and productivity is measured according to stricter deadlines than ever before.

At pbOffice, a division of customer communication firm PBSA, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art solutions that allow our customers to not only make the most of their valuable time – but also to experience tangible results in as little time as possible.

Epitomising this methodology, is our pressure sealer product range. Pressure sealers cut manual printing, folding and sealing time down by a massive 90%.

With exclusive distribution rights on Welltec pressure sealers in Africa, pbOffice is the number one supplier of pressure sealers and payslip sealers (also referred to as one-step mailers) in South Africa.

Welltec is the world’s number one desktop pressure sealer company, holding over 75% of the European and Asian market since its inception in 1999. The firm exports products to over 30 countries across the globe.

Largely used in South Africa for preparing salary slips, municipal bills and other mail notices such as traffic fines, pressure sealers offer a host of time-saving – and other – gains to any industry that has a business mailing component to it.

Reaping benefits

Also referred to as variable information printing, our pressure seal digital printing systems allow text and graphics to be changed from one printed document to the next, without slowing down the process.

Pressure seal technology completely does away with the need for separate folding, filling and sealing of envelopes. This alone represents huge time savings. And, because documents go directly from being printed, to pressure sealed, there is no need for handling of documents.

Apart from being massive time savers, pressure sealers give business mail an indisputable quality of professionalism and security.

Pressure sealed documents do not need envelopes – they serve as their own. This means you save on time, money and storage and handling. Our machines offer a range of solutions for different form sizes and fold types.

Pressure sealers also print addresses directly onto documents and forms, which means no more problematic window envelopes or messy alternative solutions.

Finally, in terms of security, pressure sealers complete documents with solid, consistent edges, while high-pressure sealing makes for a much more effective seal than traditional envelopes. And, because each piece of mail is individual and self-contained, there is no risk of two confidential documents being put together in the same envelope, or a document being placed in the wrong envelope.

pbOffice currently supplies pressure sealers to an extensive customer base and offers solutions to suit all industry mailing needs.

For more information, visit our Pressure Sealer product page.

To watch a short video on Welltec’s best-selling mid-range desktop pressure sealer, the Postmate III, click here.

Get through winter with a quality air purifier


Don’t let the ailments associated with the season get the better of you – create pure indoor air, breathe freely and enjoy good health this winter.

The sudden icy temperatures over the past week are proof that winter is well and truly upon us and, while many may associate allergies with the summer months, the truth is that winter is a breeding ground for the particles and germs responsible for poor health during this time.

Studies have shown that most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors in winter – if not more – and, with the cold season being the time dusty winter coats and blankets are brought out, and long-dormant heating devices powered up, indoor air quality hits an annual low.

On top of this, the chances of transmission of common winter ailments rise steeply, due to the bacteria and viruses that cause them densely populating indoor air.

In fact, if we had to really grasp the extent of allergens, particles, germs and irritants that circulate through our indoor air during the winter months, we would probably wonder how it is that we can breathe at all.

The good news is, using a high-quality air purifier can reduce – and even completely eradicate – winter allergy symptoms and significantly reduce your susceptibility for catching a cold or getting the flu.

pbOffice (a division of PBSA) offers a range of top-quality air purifiers by IDEAL, which feature all the vital components needed to turn contaminated indoor air into pure, healthy and allergen-free air – including HEPA filters and intelligent air quality sensors.

Our devices work on a six-stage AEON Blue air purification system, which filters almost 100% of the smallest particles and pathogenic germs from the polluted air before they reach your airway. Additionally, the clean air is enriched with negative ions – oxygen atoms that are charged with an extra electron (as found in nature) and are proven to have significant health benefits.

With pbOffice’s air purification solutions, you can safely say goodbye to indoor air pollutants like viruses and bacteria, pollen, animal hair, chemical fumes, dust, odours, tobacco smoke and aerosol fumes.

This winter, don’t succumb – invest in and enjoy a quality air purifier for your home and office and say goodbye to the “sick season” blues.


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PBSA shredders underpin POPI compliance


shredder-generic-picThe company’s hard drive shredders offer local businesses a sure-fire way of complying with the act’s stringent data protection laws.

This year, the implementation date for the much-publicised Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is expected to be announced, and local businesses will have a year from this date to become compliant – or face severe penalties.

Passed into South African law towards the end of 2013, the POPI Act essentially regulates how companies store and secure personal information of individuals and entities. Because the act aligns South Africa with international laws on privacy, it includes some stringent rules that businesses – no matter their size – will need to follow to a T.

Wale Arewa, CEO of Secure IT asset disposal company Xperien, says, although the POPI Act gives companies a grace period of a year from commencement to comply with its requirements, they should make it a top priority now.

“There are serious penalties [for non-compliance with the act]. Besides the possibility of prison terms and fines of up to R10 million, POPI also allows individuals to institute civil claims. This means there is the possibility of further financial loss on top of any fine that may be imposed,” warns Arewa.

Data demolition

One of the POPI Act’s key objectives is to ensure customer data is destroyed sufficiently. According to the act, user data cannot be kept for longer than necessary and will have to be completely destroyed – not merely deleted or superficially disposed of.

This means it is simply not good enough for companies to wipe or format a hard drive, nor is it sufficient to toss it out, regardless of how unlikely it may be that it will be discovered.

The only sure-fire way to destroy data, is to physically shred it – a method vouched for by international business news site Bloomberg, in an article entitled “The right way to destroy sensitive data”.

“Hard drives are fed into a machine that resembles a photocopier, which chews and spits out slivers of scrap metal,” the site explains.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes South Africa), offers a failsafe solution to data destruction with two quality HSM machines – the HSM Powerline HDS230 Hard Drive Shredder and its smaller – but equally effective – counterpart, the HSM HDS150 Hard Drive Shredder.

Both fully data protection compliant, the two hard drive shredders destroy digital media devices in a safe and economical way. These safe and easy-to-use devices shred hard drives into tiny particles – ensuring absolute and irreversible destruction of all data contained on them.

Designed with longevity in mind, both hard drive shredders feature sturdy, solid steel-cutting units and powerful drives. Additionally, because the units feature high throughput capacity and energy-saving continuous operation, they are an intelligent choice for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Visit us today to find out more, or to request a quote.



PBSA gets on board to improve waste management



pbOffice, a division of leading customer communications firm PBSA, will showcase a range of its automation solutions next month, at what promises to be another successful conference centred around waste management in Africa.

The continent’s largest and most prestigious waste management conference, WasteCon, kicks off next month, setting the stage for industry professionals from all sectors to participate in insightful debate and to share ideas around best practice sustainable waste management solutions.

Taking place under the auspices of The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, 2016 sees the flagship biennial conference taking place for the 23rd time, this year from 17 to 20 October, at Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

WasteCon’s extensive exhibition floor will showcase innovative products, new and old, that have contributed to – and continue to contribute to – the ever-changing face of waste management in Southern Africa.

pbOffice, as one of South Africa’s leading providers of office automation solutions, will be on hand to talk about its range of products – from baling solutions and how they can turn waste into valuable material, to three-phase shredding solutions, which enable businesses to comply with the all-important Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

WasteCon 2016 will play host to scores of educational and governmental delegates, as well as to interested members of the public, providing the opportunity to discuss the latest industry developments and trends from both South Africa and abroad.

pbOffice is proud to be a part of this social programme and to play a part in working towards improving waste management on the continent.

About pbOffice

pbOffice provides automation solutions to serve mailing, marketing and communication applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. pbOffice is the biggest supplier of mailing equipment in South Africa and distributes Pitney Bowes’ finishing products.

The division’s comprehensive portfolio ranges from basic office equipment like shredders and laminators, to more specialised office solutions like folding and inserting machines and pressure sealers.

pbOffice’s air purifying machines embody the modern-day drive to promote health at home and in the workplace. pbOffice offers more than just solutions with its range of top-quality air purifiers, humidifiers and combination units – it offers peace of mind for the health conscious.

For more information visit / or call 011 516 9400.

Franked mail: adding your company’s stamp of professionalism





Want to add a touch of professionalism and save time and money with each piece of mail you send out? Franking is the answer.



Fact: franking mail saves you money. Add to this cost-saving benefit things like a heightened image of professionalism, considerable time savings and greatly improved productivity, and you have yourself at least four good reasons to go the franking route when it comes to your business’s outbound mail.

Whether you are a large corporation, small business, government or education institution – or even a sole trader – you can benefit greatly from investing in a franking machine.

Economical, fast and business efficient, franking machines have been around for over 90 years, facilitating outbound mail for businesses of all sizes. The franking machines of today have come a long way, but one aspect has remained unchanged: ease of use.

Franking machines are essentially postage meters that are reset by telephone and are operated in a few simple steps:

  1. An envelope or label is placed into the machine’s printer slot, after which it is franked with your postage, the date, a unique code and your chosen message/company logo (a stamp of professionalism on each piece of mail you send out).
  2. The logo (optional) you want printed on your mail is selected on the machine’s touchscreen (giving you the opportunity to promote your brand).
  3. The parcel or letter is ready to go (that’s it).

Host of benefits

For most businesses trying to harvest profits – or just keep head above water – in today’s volatile economic environment, cost saving is top of mind when it comes to investing in new equipment.

Not only do franking machines offer indisputable financial advantages – i.e. a 4% discount, based solely on the fact that you’re using a franking machine – they come with a range of other attractive perks too.

Bear in mind, all other postal discounts either have a condition attached (like having to buy a certain amount of stamps to qualify) or they have a negotiating element to them (for instance with permit mail, where you have to negotiate the applicable discount). The discount for franking machines, on the other hand, is a given and can also be used on top of other discounts, like bulk post discounts.

Moving on to other benefits, franking machines offer:

  • Faster post: Franked mail goes through the postal system faster. This is for two reasons: firstly, post offices have machines that check the stamps, which takes manual checking out of the equation, and secondly, franked mail is date sensitive, so it has to be processed the same day.
  • Security: Because postage money is loaded via transfer, the requirement to have someone buy stamps and store them somewhere – which is basically tantamount to having money lying around – is a thing of the past.
  • Accounting: With franking machines you can create accounts and allocate passwords, not to mention draw reports. Automating reports removes the human error element and allows for easier book keeping. Remember, too, we are talking tax-deductible expenses.
  • Marketing: As mentioned above, franking machines give you the option of adding messages to the slogan block area of your mail. This can be your company logo and return address, a strong marketing message, urgency note – or even something more jovial like seasonal greetings.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA, recently introduced a brand new range of sophisticated franking machines that caters to every type of business’s specific needs. Economical, fast and able to process even huge volumes of mail, our machines will not only meet all your outbound mail needs – they will go beyond.

Visit our franking machine web page now to see how we can help you cut costs, improve productivity and elevate your corporate image.

PBSA unveils new franking machine range


FRAMAPBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes South Africa) has launched a brand new range of franking machines that will enable clients to present a first-class, professional image with every piece of mail sent out.

The new machines replace PBSA’s discontinued range and includes three models, namely the EcoMail, Mailmax Comfort and Mailmax Speed.

If it is quality, efficiency and ease of use you are after when it comes to your business’ mail franking needs, PBSA has the right solution for you. The new range covers all the bases and will fulfil your specific needs, whether automatic for high-volume mail, or manual for smaller volumes.

Easy on the pocket and on the environment

The EcoMail – a hand-fed franking machine – is the ideal solution for businesses that want to process small postal volumes economically and ecologically.

This machine embodies system intelligence with its exclusive touchscreen that immediately displays every function you need, guiding you through the franking process – step by menu-guided step.

The ink-ribbon cassette makes the EcoMail user friendly and keeps the office clean.

Some of the key EcoMail’s key features include:

  • 2 000 frankings per hour
  • Letter thicknesses up to 6mm
  • Nine programmable fixed values
  • Resettable and non-resettable value and item counters
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Automatic data change
  • High-value blocking

Fully automatic and intelligent

PBSA’s automatic Mailmax machines come with the option of two bases – the Mailmax Comfort and the faster Mailmax Speed.

Mailmax represents the very latest in intelligent franking, with technology that puts all of the machines’ advanced menu-driven functions at your fingertips. The machines are easily expandable at any time and incorporate all the benefits to ensure your postal operations will be optimally efficient and comfortable.

Mailmax franking machines ensure safe, dependable and easy processing, with menu-guided operation through every step of the franking process.

High-quality inkjet technology transfers postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely, sharp and smudge-free, while variable two-dimensional data matrix barcodes also benefit from high print quality.

Mailmax machines allow you to capture statistical data quickly and easily by cost-centre, and to print it directly from Mailmax onto record cards.

Some of the Mailmax Comfort’s features include:

  • 5 000 frankings per hour
  • Letter thicknesses up to 8mm
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Up to 250 password-protected cost-centres with resettable value- and item-counters
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined processing

Some of the Mailmax Speed’s features include:

  • 10 000 frankings per hour
  • Nine programmable fixed values
  • Letter thicknesses up to 8mm
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Automatic date-change
  • High-value blocking
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined Processing
  • Strengthen your brand

Let your customers and potential customers know your business has high standards, even before they open the envelope, with PBSA’s new range of franking machines.

For more information and pricing details, please send PBSA sales staff an email at or call 011 516 9439.

Turn waste into valuable material with pbOffice’s baling solutions


Baling press picTurn waste into valuable material that large companies will purchase with pbOffice’s HSM baling presses.

Perhaps one of the most underestimated cost centres for manufacturers and retailers in particular, is that of waste management. While packaging is essential for transporting products safely, it can very quickly become a problem as materials start to pile up and block valuable space – not to mention involve high personnel costs.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes SA), has an affordable and effective solution to this quandary – HSM Vertical Baling Presses.

Considered as part of the recycling chain, used packaging becomes a valuable secondary raw material. What pbOffice offers, are solutions for handling and compacting this raw material, using innovative technology.

HSM’s baling presses compress cardboard or packaging material into compact bales weighing up to 550 kg. This high degree of compression not only saves storage space, it also makes transport and handling much easier.

Conveniently sized, cost-efficient and high-capacity, HSM baling presses are perfectly suited for industry, manufacturers and retailers alike. Impressively, the volume of on-site packaging can be reduced by up to 95% with these machines.

Added advantages

The HSM V-Press series, currently available from pbOffice, combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technology with a high level of profitability. Due to both their performance and durability, they are the economic waste management solution par excellence.

In this series, you are sure to find the right baling press to suit your exact needs. For instance, you can choose the machine according to the volume and pressing power required for your operations.

The bales have the ideal size for perfect HGV (heavy goods vehicle) load utilisation. This saves on transport costs and increases the marketing efficiency of the bales, which – being valuable material – large disposal companies will purchase.

HSM baling presses could not be easier to use. The entire pressing cycle, beginning with closing the door, is fully automatic. A text display informs you in detail about the respective status of the process and, when the pressing procedure comes to an end, the sliding door opens automatically. Extracting the bale is simple and easy, and it can be comfortably transported on a pallet.

Another benefit of the presses is that of high operational flexibility. With the HSM V-Press you can decide whether you prefer to press cardboard or plastic film – all at the touch of a button.

Finally, you can rest assured HSM baling presses will deliver optimal process reliability. Thanks to the newly developed HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the angle of the press ram is monitored continuously in every direction. This avoids one-sided overcharge, optimises the pressing procedure and assures longer service life.

For more information on the various HSM configurations, models and specs download the HSM Vertical Baling Presses brochure.