PBSA reaches out to furry friends

spca-tersia-kingLeading customer communications firm PBSA has once again reached out to animals in need by contributing to a charity drive led by Tersia King Learning Academy.

The primary school, located in the East Rand’s Tembisa township, runs an annual SPCA fundraiser aimed at giving some of South Africa’s furry friends a second chance at life.

“We use community service to try and teach our learners the meaning of Ubuntu,” says Tersia King principal, Rachelle Bezuidenhout.

All 38 teachers and 859 learners are chipping in to collect pet food in the form of cans, packs and treats. Having started in September, the fundraiser will conclude this Friday, 4 November, when the class that collects the most pet food will be announced.

Bezuidenhout says the school hopes to receive at least one can of food per child and has also been receiving donations towards the cause. The winning class will be treated to a class party and a movie.

She thanked PBSA for its financial contribution, adding that some of the money would be spent on the winning class, and some would go towards the SPCA fund itself.

“We aim to make it a memorable day for [the winning class], as [PBSA] made a memorable contribution towards us. Thank you for helping us in making it possible for our furry friends to have a few more bites to eat.”

PBSA MD Michael Springer says it is important children learn to have empathy for animals, many of which are dependent on humans.

In November last year, PBSA took part in Husky Rescue South Africa’s first sleepathon, helping the non-profit organisation raise over R55 000 for its cause – the rescue and rehabilitation of Nordic breeds of dogs.

Tersia King Learning Academy is involved in a number of other charity initiatives, including Cupcakes for Cancer and “Gogolicious Day” – a project that involves the collection of scarves for the Tembisa Children’s Home and Old Age Home.

“With all the anger around them, our young ones grow up with hate and violence, not love and tolerance. With all our charity drives, we try to instill a sense of empathy in our children, especially towards those more vulnerable than they themselves are,” says Bezuidenhout.

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