PBSA unveils new franking machine range

FRAMAPBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes South Africa) has launched a brand new range of franking machines that will enable clients to present a first-class, professional image with every piece of mail sent out.

The new machines replace PBSA’s discontinued range and includes three models, namely the EcoMail, Mailmax Comfort and Mailmax Speed.

If it is quality, efficiency and ease of use you are after when it comes to your business’ mail franking needs, PBSA has the right solution for you. The new range covers all the bases and will fulfil your specific needs, whether automatic for high-volume mail, or manual for smaller volumes.

Easy on the pocket and on the environment

The EcoMail – a hand-fed franking machine – is the ideal solution for businesses that want to process small postal volumes economically and ecologically.

This machine embodies system intelligence with its exclusive touchscreen that immediately displays every function you need, guiding you through the franking process – step by menu-guided step.

The ink-ribbon cassette makes the EcoMail user friendly and keeps the office clean.

Some of the key EcoMail’s key features include:

  • 2 000 frankings per hour
  • Letter thicknesses up to 6mm
  • Nine programmable fixed values
  • Resettable and non-resettable value and item counters
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Automatic data change
  • High-value blocking

Fully automatic and intelligent

PBSA’s automatic Mailmax machines come with the option of two bases – the Mailmax Comfort and the faster Mailmax Speed.

Mailmax represents the very latest in intelligent franking, with technology that puts all of the machines’ advanced menu-driven functions at your fingertips. The machines are easily expandable at any time and incorporate all the benefits to ensure your postal operations will be optimally efficient and comfortable.

Mailmax franking machines ensure safe, dependable and easy processing, with menu-guided operation through every step of the franking process.

High-quality inkjet technology transfers postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely, sharp and smudge-free, while variable two-dimensional data matrix barcodes also benefit from high print quality.

Mailmax machines allow you to capture statistical data quickly and easily by cost-centre, and to print it directly from Mailmax onto record cards.

Some of the Mailmax Comfort’s features include:

  • 5 000 frankings per hour
  • Letter thicknesses up to 8mm
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Up to 250 password-protected cost-centres with resettable value- and item-counters
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined processing

Some of the Mailmax Speed’s features include:

  • 10 000 frankings per hour
  • Nine programmable fixed values
  • Letter thicknesses up to 8mm
  • Up to eight advertising clichés in memory
  • Automatic date-change
  • High-value blocking
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined Processing
  • Strengthen your brand

Let your customers and potential customers know your business has high standards, even before they open the envelope, with PBSA’s new range of franking machines.

For more information and pricing details, please send PBSA sales staff an email at sales@pbsa.co.za or call 011 516 9439.

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