Ensure compliance and peace of mind with PBSA’s hard drive shredder

hard drive shredDon’t let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands – destroy your hard drives the right way, for once and for all.

The amount of digital data generated in today’s world is unprecedented and growing at a phenomenal rate – doubling every two years – and much of this data is personal information.

It is hardly surprising, in light of this, that the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act has stolen so much of the media limelight this year, with its final commencement date expected any day now.

The POPI Act basically regulates how companies store and secure personal information. Failure to adequately handle this data will lead to considerable penalties.

Yet, scores of local businesses still adopt a lax attitude when it comes to the destruction of old hard drives that contain retrievable personal information. And the risk they run, should sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, is a huge one – that of irreparable reputation damage. Not to mention that of loss of intellectual property and legal penalties.

It is not good enough to simply carry out a superficial wipe of an obsolete hard drive and it is certainly not sufficient to toss it out, regardless of how unlikely it may be that it’s discovered.

pbOffice, a division of PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes SA) offers a failsafe solution in the HSM Powerline HDS230 Hard Drive Shredder, a specialised machine that shreds and permanently destroys hard drives – and the sensitive information they hold – for absolute peace of mind.

Safe and easy to use, the HDS230 shreds hard drives into small particles, ensuring any information that may have been even remotely at risk of being accessed is destroyed for good.

Designed with longevity in mind, the hard drive shredder features a sturdy, solid steel-cutting unit and a powerful, robust drive.

Meanwhile, for the environmentally-minded, the unit’s high throughput capacity and energy-saving continuous operation makes it an intelligent choice for reducing the carbon footprint.

If it’s absolute peace of mind and POPI compliance you are after as a business, this specialised shredder is for you.

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