FINANCIAL MAIL – Paperless lottery system

Posted by Financial Mail on 8 October 2015


TECHNOLOGY firm Pitney Bowes has designed a software program that will enable national lottery operator Ithuba to add more retailers within a shorter period.

The paperless system will also result in faster turnaround times. The new system replaces the manual, paper-based processes which require printing, signing and scanning of documents.

Leon van der Merwe, business development manager for Pitney Bowes SA, says the system means Ithuba can now enrol new retailers using a tablet-driven application programming interface system, enabling the company’s field agents across the country to auto-populate electronic application forms with verified identity credentials, business information and the exact GPS location of potential retailers.

“Once the information is captured, the retailers can sign the digital application form with an electronic signature. The back-office system at Ithuba then performs automated CIPC (companies & intellectual property) checks, commercial credit checks and anti-fraud checks — digitising the entire vetting process,” says Van der Merwe.

Ithuba, which started operating the lottery this year, is also using Vodacom’s network and related services to connect its systems.

Vodacom is providing Ithuba with the communication infrastructure necessary to connect the central gaming system, the regional office and the retailer’s lottery terminals.

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