A Smarter Way to Onboard Customers – Digital onboarding

Does your business processes still require customers to fill out paper forms? If your answer is yes, we have good news for you.

It is estimated that more than 95% of businesses still use paper and print somewhere in the customer onboarding cycle.

digital onboarding

digital onboarding

Let us energise the process and impress your new prospective customers.

What’s happening in practice:

By emailing your client a Word or PDF application type document (even dynamic ones), you are unknowingly annoying your new prospective customers at a stage where you should be impressing them. In most cases after your customer receives the document, the following happens;

  1. Email received – attachment opened
  2. Document is printed on paper
  3. Document is filled in by hand
  4. Document is signed
  5. Document is scanned
  6. Scan is attached to email and email is sent.


Back at home:

Once this document is received back, the information now needs to be captured and verified and often printed, signed, scanned and emailed again.


Jump start efficiency

The pbVerify digital Onboarding solution changes this expensive, inefficient, labour intensive and time consuming process into a slick, streamlined process that will impress your customers;

  1. The customer is directed to an online onboarding form.
  2. The customer electronically completes the form, attaches any accompanying documentation.
  3. Submit


Back at home:

All information is electronically written to your ERP/ ECM/ CRM or other system for automated processing.


No printing, no hand written documents, no scanning no capturing and  no time wasted.



We also build in automated intelligence that enables the form to;

  1. Verify the Identity against Home Affairs and auto-populate only the verified data to the form
  2. Auto-populate client address and telephone number
  3. Run automated credit check
  4. Digital and electronic signing solutions
  5. Automated data flow


Please contact us on 011 516 9400 for more information or to book a product demo.

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