Advanced electronic Signature (AeS) solutions in SA – a new partnership offers more benefits to the local market

consumer_creditPitney Bowes  recently partnered with digital signature leader, ARX, in order to offer a powerful, integrated solution to assist South African organisations in improving efficiencies, lowering their operational risk and become POPI (Protection Of Personal Information Act) compliant.

The new partnership now gives SA companies the ability to modernise most of their legal signing processes.

Cumbersome, legal signing processes that are time consuming and face many geographical challenges are now as easy as 1-2-3. Legal signing processes like client on-boarding processes, minutes of board meetings, electronic contracting and many more can now be done with a legally accredited, high assurance Advanced Electronic Signature.

“Gone are the days of having to put pen to paper when signing legal documents” says Leon van der Merwe, Business development manager at Pitney Bowes SA

Not only have Advanced electronic Signatures (AeS) become increasingly popular in recent years as many organisations choose to digitise and automate their business systems, but in South Africa it has become a compliance necessity.

In the South African law there are certain statutes that require a signature before a document can be considered valid. If this signature is to be applied electronically, the Electronic Communications and Transaction (ECT) Act of 2002 refers to an ‘Advanced’ Electronic Signature (AeS) and is the only type of electronic signature that is recognised as legally acceptable.

“The partnership with ARX offers our customers a legally compliant solution for digitally signing documents which can then be seamlessly integrated with their Electronic Document Management system,” says van der Merwe.

“ARX are thrilled to be working with Pitney Bowes. As ECM experts who can advise on both strategy and implementation, they fully complete the services we currently offer our clients. By combining ECM solutions with workflow systems and digital signatures, organisations can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their core business processes,” says Raanan Dahari, VP of Sales EMEA at ARX.

About CoSign by ARX

CoSign by ARX is the most widely used digital signature solution with millions of signers at security-minded businesses, governments and cloud services around the world. CoSign was recognised by Forrester Research as “the strongest digital signature solution” in the Forrester wave: E-Signatures, Q2 2013 report.
CoSign, which is available both on-premises and in the cloud, ca be used on any device to easily and securely sign documents in Word, Excel, PDF and many other file types. Its scalable engine can be seamlessly integrated into any document-related workflow, application or service, so that customers retain complete control over their IT/business environemtns.
Our customers use the flexible CoSign solution to quickly create highly efficient signature-dependent processes that considerably lower their paper-related costs. They also use it to ensure full compliance with strict industry regulations, country-specific legislation and exacting technical standards.

Learn more about the CoSign digital signature solution

Please contact Leon van der Merwe on 011 516 9400 for more information or to book a product demo.

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