Bulk consumer tracing – get all the info you need here

csv256Are you interested in high volume consumer tracing? Many small to medium sized businesses – whether you’re a retail chain or a professional tracing company – need more than one consumer trace at a time.

Here at pbVerify, we understand the nature of your business and your need for accurate, quick and streamlined information, which is why we offer bulk consumer tracing solutions. If you’ve got a high volume of information that needs to be traced, you need to partner with us. Here’s why:

Five reasons to use our system for high volume consumer tracing

  1. 1.   When we say “high volume tracing”, we mean it

Our technologically advanced tracing tool can process up to 20 000 people’s information in a single trace. This means you don’t waste hours for all the data to be processed.

  1. 2.   We’re flexible

We understand that bulk tracing means different things to different companies, which is why we classify anything from 1000 – 20 0000 traces as “high volume tracing”.

  1. 3.   Reduced rates

Bulk tracing is one of our core service offerings, which is why we offer this service at a discounted rate. While you will pay (approximately) R13 for a single trace, this number drops exponentially when you submit over 5000 traces at once (it will work out to roughly R2 per trace, which is a 600% reduction in cost!)

  1. 4.   Ease of use

All you have to do is upload your data in a .csv file and get your data with the click of a button!

  1. 5.   Accurate results

We use all the major credit tracing bureaus to collect data for your bulk consumer traces.

Need more information about our high volume tracing solutions? Then contact us today!

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