What customers are saying about Pitney Bowes’ pbVerify…

Customers across South Africa have been ecstatic about the quick, accurate solutions that pbVerify offers. If you need an online tracing, consumer or ID check solution, we’ve got the all-in-one tool for you.

pbVerify Customer Testimonials

What customers are saying about Pitney Bowes’ pbVerify

Here are a few testimonials from our clients;

Heilke Van Loon, Financial Manager at Borwa Financial Solutions, says that pbVerify definitely delivered on their promise about delivering quick and accurate online tracing solutions. Any business can sell a promise, but only service providers sell the performance of the promise. Pitney Bowes definitely belong to the latter bracket. All of the four managers who use this service in our company have been satisfied with the level of service; this including both turnaround times in attending to any issues, and pro-active support and product development initiatives,” says Heilke.

Kaajal Mackerduth from Genissis Cash Car Rental says that their company has found the online credit check system particularly useful.  “Thank you, Pitney Bowes, for the fantastic services received by our company on the pbVerify system,” commented Kaajal from Genissis Cash Car Rental.

“We are very happy with the service that our company has received from the pbVerify support team,” agreed Laurie Liebenberg from Liebenberg Opspoorders.

“The pbVerify system works very well. It helps us to determine if an ID book is valid,” said Vanessa from Convert Cash regarding pbVerify’s online identification check solutions.

Nicky Jardim-Mostert from Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators says they have been using the pbVerify ID verification tool for almost two years and they are still very satisfied with the ease-of-use and customer support that pbVerify offers. “pbVerify is very user friendly, accurate and all in real-time, which other databases cannot always offer! I would recommend this facility to any company – Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators,” says Nicky.

Interested in learning more about how our online consumer tracing tool has helped companies across South Africa do business? Then give us a call today on 011 516 9400 or visit www.pbverify.co.za.

Why finding outstanding debtors in SA is so hard… and how to solve the problem

tracing1Online Credit Check and Tracing has never been easier than with pbVerify. Any business owner will tell you that minimising risk and minimising loss are two extremely delicate components of running a successful business, and having a reliable consumer tracing system is part of the key to that success. You have the right to view the full and complete financial information of any consumers you do business with, but obtaining that information has been difficult in the past.

pbVerify was created with small to medium sized businesses in mind. In the past, if you wanted to run a consumer trace, it required subscriptions to all of the major credit check bureaus, which charge you costly monthly fees. There was no comprehensive, streamlined process that allowed you to get the information you need with a few clicks of the mouse… until now.

One appealing aspect of pbVerify is that it requires no monthly subscription; you simply pay per search! This saves you the expense of paying for access to multiple credit check bureaus that you seldom use and allows you to pay for only what you use. pbVerify requires no special software and it’s user-friendly and instant. With a few quick clicks of the mouse, you will be provided with all of the online search and trace information you need that is required to make informed business decisions.

Unfortunately, identity thefts, fraud, defaulting on payments or simply not making any payments are growing problems in today’s business environment. It’s essential that you have all of the information necessary in order to make smart decisions for your company, and pbVerify’s goal is to give all business owners a comprehensive, easy to use system that accomplishes just that.

Register with pbVerify today and start conducting online tracing searches instantly!

pbVerify helps financial services companies become FICA compliant

identity_verificationFICA compliancy for financial services:

If you’re a financial services company in South Africa, did you know there are steps you must take in order to become FICA compliant? You have probably heard about the legislation passed by the Financial Intelligence Centre entitled FICA – or Financial Intelligence Centre Act; the purpose of this legislation is to provide further transparency for financial services companies throughout the country in order to eradicate money laundering, scams, corruption and dishonest business practices.

Essentially, financial services companies such as micro-lenders, auto loan companies and home loan companies must reassess their entire client list in order to ensure that all clients’ identities and finances can be verified. Think of it as a sweeping credit check to everyone in the existing database – it’s a way to identify and handle anyone who poses a potential problem to your company.

You can use pbVerify to help your company become FICA compliant:

  • Online credit checks. Need to find out your clients’ complete credit history? It’s easier than ever before with pbVerify. Our system is user-friendly and efficient, and you’ll have instant access to the complete financial information that you need.
  • Risk management and risk assessment. FICA legislation requires all financial services companies to reassess their books. In addition to re-evaluating current clients, pbVerify can also help you make an informed decision when it comes to taking on new debtors. In this competitive business climate, you need to be certain that you’re making the right decision and not getting involved with people or companies that have questionable financial histories.
  • ID Verification. Our online ID verification solutions and ID-verify API (Application Programming Interface) are in use by some of the country’s largest financial institutions, retailers and system integrators for FICA compliancy and other identification solutions. Our XML data can integrate with almost any platform and provide a fast, but stable platform to build real-time intelligence into your systems with automated consumer ID information on-demand.     

Enlist the services of pbVerify today and your company will be on its way to being fully FICA compliant. In the end, FICA benefits everyone as it aims to eradicate dishonest business practices, money laundering, fraud and scams. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about pbVerify.

pbSecure: Ground breaking anti-fraud solution for Educational records and Certificates

The problem lies not within the paper, but within the content on the paper.

At first glance, one would think that pbSecure is here to “replace” physical paper security and other advanced printing technologies like micro-text, micro-tint, font reverse, watermarks, chemical sensitisation, embedded fibres, ultraviolet (UV), heat sensitive ink, sequential numbering and many more, but it is not. These are all –and will always remain- the perfect fight against counterfeiting and forgery, especially when it comes to replicating, for instance currency.

The question is, is the core problem the same when it comes to educational records (diplomas, certificates, degrees and mark sheets)?

Truth is that the problem is not the same and it cannot effectively be treated the same. Making an exact replica of an educational record does not really benefit anyone. The forged replica is just that, a replica containing the same information pertaining to the same person with the same qualifications, linked to the same institution as per the original document and very little significant gain for fraudsters.

However, changing (tampering with) any of the information on the document (Name, Surname, Date, Qualification, Institution etc.) is where the real problem lies and where fraudsters find real value.

pbSecure specifically addresses tampering and solves the problem with absolute certainty and conviction.

What differentiates pbSecure?

There are many encryption solutions and generic barcode generators on the market and Internet today that can encrypt data and print a barcode on a document, simulating a similar “look and feel” solution to pbSecure, but do these solutions really close the door on fraud and solve the problem once and for all? The answer is no and here is why pbSecure is the most advanced document security solution on the market today that truly solves the problem;

For almost a century, Pitney Bowes has successfully secured billions of dollars (US$) globally for governments across the globe with its postal (franking) and tax metering systems that date back to the early 1900’s. Within this wealth of experience and array of patented technologies lies the heart of pbSecure. pbSecure is an evolution of the Pitney Bowes metering system technology and showcases the latest advancements in 2D barcoding, encryption and Pitney Bowes’ cryptographic content security technology.

Securing and verification methodology
We focus not only on securing the document, but also on the verification process that is bound to follow at one or at multiple stages of the document lifecycle. pbSecure neatly slots into any Student Information System (SIS) or document creation process with the flexibility to quickly produce thousands of secured records from any data source. Although pbSecure has a full transactional audit trail, there is no need to store any customer data online or in a centralised repository (database) to verify the document. The issuing authority and all of the original content can be verified in an off-line environment by scanning the unique pbSecure 2D barcode with a pbSecure Verifier.

To ensure the integrity of the solution, each issuing authority is issued with a unique pbSecure Vault (USB hardware security device). The issuing authority’s detail and unique private key is burnt into the microchip, fully protecting the integrity of the issuing authority. This also means that the unique private key of each unit is not stored on any comprisable network, server or software infrastructure.

Any pbSecure issuing authority can verify its own documents created with pbSecure, using its own pbSecure Vault and verification software. The issuing authority has the option to authorise other pbSecure sites or specific verification agents to also verify its own documents. Pitney Bowes’ extensive experience and global success with metering systems using the same Private -and Public -Key Infrastructure (PKI) management, is one of the huge differentiating factors from any other cryptographic, encryption solution on the market today.

For more information on pbSecure, please visit www.pbsecure.co.za

For a full presentation on pbSecure, please send an Email to leon@pitneybowes.co.za or contact Leon van der Merwe on (+27) 011 516 9400 at Pitney Bowes SA

Online Deed search Tool for South Africa

Need a South African online Deeds search tool? If you need instant, accurate and up-to-date land registration information then it’s time to try out pbVerify. When you register (for free), you only pay per search – there are no monthly subscription fees and no registration costs whatsoever. As soon as you’ve signed up, you will be able to instantly search for any Deeds information you may require through an easy to use web interface.

Our online deeds search tool covers the following registration offices:

  • Pretoria
  • Johannesburg
  • Bloemfontein
  • Cape Town
  • Kimberly
  • King Williams Town
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Umtata
  • Vryburg

Three reasons why our online deeds search tool is different

1: Online access

Our web-based deeds search portal is part of a web-based system that will also give your business instant access to Credit search, Trace and CIPC company information, adding real value to your business as a comprehensive risk management tool. All you need is internet access in order to sign up and get the information you need with the click of a mouse.

2: Simplicity

Our search tool is easy to use, thanks to the user-friendly web interface. All you need is the information of the person or company you are looking for, such as the following:

  • Individual – Date of Birth, Name or Surname
  • Company – Company Name
  • Deed Number
  • Sectional scheme unit – Scheme Name, Erf      Number, Unit number
  • Erf – Town name, Erf number
  • Farm – Registration division, Farm number,      Portion number
  • Exclusive Area (EUA) – Town name, Erf Number
  • Agricultural Holding – Holding name, Holding      Number

3: Instant, accurate results

Our online deeds search tool has instant access to all the information from the South African Deeds Registration database. You can specify any of the following search criteria:

Person Detail:

  • Name and Surname
  • ID Number
  • Deed Document Number
  • Multi- Owner and Share%
  • Purchase date
  • Micro Reference
  • Registration date

Properties Result:

  • Property Description
  • Scheme Name
  • Scheme number
  • Unit Number
  • Property Size (SQM)
  • Clearance Institution (Municipal)
  • Province
  • Purchase Price and Date

Bond and Document History

  • Bond Number
  • Bond Holder
  • Bond Amount
  • Bond Micro Reference
  • Bond Description

….and much, much more!

Whether you’re running a real estate business, you are a credit grantor (any business selling on account), construction company, law firm, tracing company, or property owner renting out properties, our online deeds search tool will work for you.

Sign up today – Its free to join by visiting www.pbverify.co.za